Condensate Tray Full Of Water? What May Be The Problem

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Your refrigerator comes with a condensate pan at the base of the refrigerator. This is because there is going to be cold air from keeping your refrigerator cool, and when it mixes with the warm air in your home, it creates condensation. This condensation goes into the drip pan and eventually evaporates. When there is too much water in the drip pan, it isn't a good sign. It means there may be a few things wrong with your refrigerator. If you haven't noticed any issues inside your refrigerator, it may only be a matter of time before you do. Read on for a few potential issues that may be wrong with your refrigerator.

Your Refrigerator/Freezer Is Too Full

If you didn't know it, there is a drain at the back of your refrigerator and freezer. This drain leads to your condensate pan. Check to be sure your refrigerator and freezer aren't jam-packed with food or other debris that may cause a lot more condensation to form, or that warm air isn't getting into your refrigerator or freezer. Also, be sure that this drain isn't blocked with food or other debris. You should be cleaning your refrigerator and freezer out every couple of months to ensure these remain clean and clear and that the vents in your refrigerator and freezer are also not blocked.

Your Condensate Fan Isn't Working

The condensation that forms in the drain pan is evaporated from the heat coming off of the motor on your refrigerator, with the help of the fan on the condenser. If the fan isn't working or there is no heat coming off of the refrigerator, you're going to have too much condensation in the pan and it will overflow, most likely all over your floor, and pool in the front of your refrigerator. If you have an issue with the motor or the fan, you may also notice issues with your refrigerator itself not cooling properly either. No matter what, your refrigerator will need to be repaired and you should hire a professional to help you with any of these mechanical issues.

If your condensate tray is full of water, or you have a pool of water in front of your refrigerator, you should call an appliance repairman to help make the repair to your appliance for you to get your refrigerator running properly again, and to ensure your food is at the proper temperature so there is no waste. Call an appliance repair professional today.

For more information, contact a refrigerator repair service.