Low Or No Water Flow—Inlet Valve Washing Machine Issues

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The washing machine is probably one of the most unappreciated, abused, and needed appliances in the home. Nobody really appreciates the washing machine until they have to go a few days or weeks without one. If you're having trouble with your washing machine not filling with water, the problem could be as simple as the water inlet valve.

What is the water inlet valve?

The water inlet valve is the small part that is told by the computer when to open and close to allow water to fill into the wash tub. Over time, the valve can become worn or filled with debris and stop working.

How do you know if it's the water inlet valve?

If you have an electronic display, it may be showing an error code. If you have your owner's manual, you can quickly refer to the code guide inside. If not, you will need to do an online search of the make and model number of your machine. This is usually found right inside the door or on the back panel.

If you don't have an electronic display, you will need to disassemble the machine and inspect the part manually.

How is it repaired?

This project is typically best left to the professionals, but it can be done if you have a little know-how. Just be aware that if you do have a warranty on the machine and you start making repairs on your own, you may void the warranty entirely or limit the coverage in the future.

How do you prevent it from happening again?

Do you have a water softener or purification system in your home? Is the water going to the washing machine being cleaned prior to entering the washing machine? If not, it's time to change that. If so, and the water is still causing a build-up of debris in the inlet valve, you can purchase a small water supply valve; it screws onto the water valve, and the hose to the washing machine is connected to it.

This removable filter can be taken off and cleaned as often as needed. Do so by soaking it in a dish of vinegar. This will remove the build-up without introducing chemicals to the system.

Start by contacting your local washer repair technician. They can help you find the best course of action to take to get your needed washing machine up and running again.