Garbage Disposal Not Chopping Food As It Should? What You Can Do

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When your garbage disposal is not working properly, it may be an issue with the blades, or it could potentially be the motor. If the entire disposal is not even turning on, there are a few things you can check. If it's simply the blades, you may be able to replace them yourself. If you aren't sure exactly what to do, you should hire a professional appliance repairman to help you with this task. Read on for some helpful information about what you can do if your disposal is not working properly to chop up your leftover food scraps.

Inspect The Blades

Inspect the blades on your disposal to see if they appear dull or are broken or chipped at all. If they are not working properly, it could be because over time they have dulled and aren't able to keep up with the chopping of the food as they once could. Inspect the blades and if they appear that they are the issue, you should replace them altogether. You can find replacement blades online or at your local appliance repair supply store. Remove the old blades and install the new ones. Be sure to turn off the power to the garbage disposal before you attempt to work on it at all.

Check The Motor

If your disposal isn't chopping up food because you cannot hear the motor even turning over, it could mean that your motor may be going out on you. You can replace the motor entirely, although it may be more cost-effective if you replace the entire disposal altogether. It may also be easier to replace the entire disposal rather than just the motor.

Check For Power

You should also check the entire system for power. If you don't have any power going to the disposal, it may be because there is a short in the outlet it is plugged into, or you may not have power to the unit itself and the unit may need to be replaced. You should check for continuity in the outlet and check the fuse to be sure you didn't blow a fuse. If neither of these is a problem, you may need to have the disposal replaced.

If your disposal is no longer chopping up the leftover food particles you put into it, it could be due to a number of things. If you aren't up to the task of repairing the disposal, you should hire a professional disposal repair service to help you make the repair or replace the unit with a new one.