Repair Or Replace: How A Washer Repair Company Decides Which Option To Recommend To You

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If your washing machine is not turning on, is not completing the cycle, is leaking or is making strange noises, something is amiss with the machine. Before you throw it out and get a new one, consider calling in a washer repair company to diagnose the problem and determine if it can be fixed. If you are calling in a repairman, you may be wondering how they determine whether your washing machine should be repaired or replaced. Here are a few of the factors they look at when making this determination. 

The Cost of the Repair

One of the most important factors that a washing machine repair company will look at is how much the repair will cost. If the repair costs the same amount as, or more than, replacing the unit, the repair company will advise you to repair the unit. Many times, the cost of the repair is also looked at in conjunction with the amount of life left in the machine. One repair may be advised if your machine is five years old versus if your machine is 12 years old.

The Amount of Life Left in Your Washing Machine

Another factor that is looked at when advising you whether to repair or replace your washing machine is how much life the washing machine has in it. Different washing machines last for different lengths of time. The brand, size, and amount of usage all play a role. Additionally, a well-maintained unit will last longer than a unit that is poorly maintained. A repair company will look over the different parts of the unit to determine how much time the unit has left. If the unit is nearing the end of its life, it may not be worth it to invest in a costly repair on your unit. However, if your unit is fairly new or looks to have a lot of life left in it, it may be worth investing in a repair. 

The Availability of the Repair Parts

Lastly, a repair company will determine how easy or challenging it will be to come up with the repair parts for your washer. If your washer was discontinued years ago, it may be hard or impossible to find repair parts. In this case, repair may not be recommended. However, if it is easy to get the parts, it may be recommended. 

After inspecting your washing machine, a washer repair company can advise you as to whether they recommend repairing or replacing your machine. If a repair can be done, it can help extend the life of your washing machine and save you money. Talk to a company like Collier County Appliance Service, Inc. for more help.