4 Additional Features to Consider for Your Next Hot Tub

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If you are getting ready to purchase a hot tub, you will want to think beyond the basic features and consider the details that you need from the hot tub. You can invest in and customize your hot tub with lots of accessories and features. 

1. Lighting

The first feature you need to consider is the lighting. What type of lighting are you looking for with your hot tub? Some units come with both interior and exterior lighting. Here are some of the types of lights you may be able to enjoy with your hot tub: 

  • Lighted cup holders
  • Power light indicator
  • Exterior sconce lighting
  • Back-lit water features
  • Water lights
  • Colored water lights

The lights included in your spa will enhance and impact your experience of using the hot tub, which is why you want to ensure that your hot tub has all the lights you want and none that you don't want.

2. Water Features

Next, you need to consider what type of water features you want. The most popular water features in spas are jets, which are naturally included in most spas. Jets allow you to enhance the relaxation experience of having a hot tub. 

Jets are not the only water feature you can enjoy. You can get water features such as little waterfalls as well. A little waterfall flowing into your spa can provide some soothing noise that will make the experience of using the hot tub even more relaxing.

3. Audio System

When you are sitting out in your hot tub, you will want to be able to relax as much as possible. Another way to enhance your relaxation is by looking for a spa that includes an audio system. 

Look for a hot tub that offers speakers that provide a rich and full sound for you to enjoy. Ideally, there will be a safe place away from the water for you to charge your electrical device and connect it to the Bluetooth speakers, so you can play music from your phone or tablet while enjoying the water. 

4. Steps

Hot tubs are tall and deep, which means you will need some steps to get up inside the hot tub. You will want to look for stable steps and have a non-slip surface on them to keep you safe. You may also want to look for steps that include handrails as well to enhance the safe use of your hot tub.

The features you choose for your hot tub will help enhance your experience and enjoyment of your hot tub: lights, water features, audio systems, and steps. For more information, turn to a company such as Wellis Hot Tubs of Colorado.