4 Common Patio Heater Issues That Need Urgent Repair Services

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It can get stale and boring if you are always stuck indoors anytime you are at home. A patio offers an outdoor space to unwind and spend quality time with friends and family. You can enjoy crab feasts, barbecues, and breakfast as you enjoy the fresh air and the sounds of birds. However, one thing that can ruin a perfect evening on your patio is a patio heater. This article will highlight common problems affecting your patio heater so you can seek timely appliance repair services to enhance comfort. 

1. Gas Smell

Is there a gas smell when you turn on your patio heater? If yes, your gas could be about to get depleted, or there is a leak. Running a patio heater with an empty gas cylinder could lead to an explosion. Turn it off and call your gas supplier without delay. You may also smell gas if your heater's gas cylinder or pipe leaks. A leak could cause a fire, ruin your time, and destroy your patio. You need to turn off the heater and gas valve and seek repair right away.

2. No Heat

If your patio heater is not producing heat, it is not doing the job you bought it for. The most common reason for this is a broken or cracked gas line, damaged burner, or pilot tube. Therefore, don't test your DIY skills with these problems. A slight mistake could worsen the issues, leading to costly repair or replacement. So you should seek professional help instead.

3. A Damaged Igniter

Your patio heater comes with an igniter that enkindles the pilot light to start the heat production. With time the igniter may fail due to wear and tear, making it hard to turn on your heater. You should be able to start your heater with an external lighter. However, if you want to replace the worn-out igniter, get in touch with a repair expert, so you can turn your heater on and off as you like.

4. The Pilot Light Keeps Going Out 

When the igniter makes a spark, the pilot is supposed to light and stay that way. However, if the gas line leading to the pilot is clogged, the pilot may not light, or it may light and go out after some time. Debris build-up or soot deposits usually lead to choking. Again, this is a problem you want to leave to appliance repair technicians.

If you experience any of these issues with your patio heater, it is best to seek repairs immediately. A qualified patio repair specialist can quickly diagnose the problem and get your patio heater working. Timely appliance repairs ensure you enjoy more time and make more memories outdoors.

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